Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fresh Starts and Exciting Times Ahead

The image above is my own photo (a close up of personally handmade button jewellery) and my own handwriting, so please ask for my permission if you wish to use it. Thank you.


For me, spring signifies a new start (plus beautiful daffodils and cute lambs & chicks), so it feels like the right time to start the blog again.
View from the kitchen window sill this morning.
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In this blog I will showcase my jewellery/accessories and day-to-day thoughts / inspirations / wishlists / crafting tutorials...many many things - so don't be a stranger!
So, to explain my image above:
I love this quote, and paired with an image of pieces of jewellery I have made, it seems like the right combination.
My lovely pal Lucie and I have been plotting and scheming some very exciting plans and sharing ideas for a joint venture that maybe one day with some hard work (and fun), will see our dreams coming true, and a sideline project to devote our creativity too.Check out her blog - it's awesome just like she is :o)
My dreams and more about me will follow in my posts, so please keep visiting! 


  1. This my little bobkins fills me with happiness, so glad you are doing this & beyond thrilled, excited & similar about our schemes! You motivate me & inspire me & help in ways I will never be able to eloquently express or show you - thank you; for support, for inspiring, for caring, for creating, for so much more. BIGGEST love <3

  2. LittleMissL <3 My gorgeous darling! Thank for such sweet words. You fill me with inspiration too and always have the best chats and advice. Love love and HUGS xxx