Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Midweek rundown...

It's Wednesday which means.....YAY it's nearly Friday!

To get to know a bit about me, I thought I'd start the blog off with a wishlist and loving vs. loathing lists of the things that have made me happy and not so happy so far this week.

I'm soon to move out into my own house with Frankie my gorgeous Dachshund, so I have to remain slightly 'sensible' with my pennies. It's not easy but I seem to find not tempting myself by browsing shops and websites to be working. I do have two non-house related items on my wishlist though.

1. At the moment I'm concentrating a lot on toning and building up my core strength. So I'm getting back into Yogalates exercises (a mix of pilates and yoga) and also a bit of ballet. I have all I need now that I've purchased these Chalmia resistance bands...with the exception of a good pair of non-slip socks. Even on my yoga mat, my feet still slip and I daren't go barefoot because I don't like having cold toes...annoying right?! Therefore I'm coveting a pair of ToeSox at the moment. Take a look at these ones; how cool are they!?!

I'm thinking I totally need a pair with toes and full ankles...having skinny ankles means they get a bit chilly so I definitely can't let these cute  toeless low-risers tempt me.

Image from
Click here to go to product (available in pink too!)

2. Anthropologie. Need I say more? Anthropologie SALE! I do get so very excited and slightly nervous when I receive an email from Anthropologie telling me they have a sale. Oh my...I love a sale! My bank account however gets very scared, as I often cannot resist the temptation of the beautiful and sumptuous home and clothing items. And then there's the accessories. Oh my! I think I want and need many many of the beauties featured. I've always wanted their gorgeous and luxurious bedding, it would look so pretty in my new home ;o) so this could technically be classed as a home wishlist item and there for completely necessary right?!

Here's  a look at what I've been loving/loathing this week:

1. VITA COCO! I have this every morning in replacement of coffee. It gives me more energy than caffeine as it is pure coconut water, so there are so many nutritional benefits.  The carton tells me "It's like sticking a straw in a coconut". I'll go with that, not that I've tried it. Maybe a holiday to the Caribbean is on the cards...if only! You can read more about coconut water here at:

2.  A selfie with my Nan on her 82nd birthday. This happened last Wednesday, but it's still making me smile a lot! The conversation went something like this:
Me: "Nan can I take a selfie on my phone of us please?"
Nan: "Oh I know how to do that"
My nan then proceeds to whip out her Blackberry and take a fab photo of us! I mean...WHAT?! She's so cool :o)
I did of course get a shot on my phone too. She was rather impressed by my androids ability to flip the camera around so we can see the photo as we're taking it.

3. SPRING means summer is coming! YES! I wish it was summer all year round. I can't stand being cold much longer. BRING ON THE SUNSHINE AND WARMER WEATHER!

1. A dear friend and colleague is retiring tomorrow. We have such a wonderful bond and she is so amazing - I'm going to miss this lady! My second close person to retire this year...I don't like the fact that I won't get to see either of them numerous times a week.

So, what have you been loveing/loathing or wishing for so far this week? Leave a comment - it'd be great to hear from you!


  1. Missing people when they move away or retire is hard, but think of the fantastic coffee catch ups you can have, how much more precious the relationship & time with each other will be :) Silver linings bobkins, silver linings.
    Those socks are weirdly cute, if not a little scary all at once! Lovely seeing you up & blogging xxx

  2. We're going to have lots of coffee sessions and things so it'll be good to spend quality time together rather than in the workplace. Do love a silver lining :o)
    Haha socks are weird I agree, but they massage and grip...I'm sold!
    Our scheme progressing over the next few months or so is gonna be so exciting beyond belief! xxx