Thursday, 10 April 2014

Making memories and commemorating moving

Something my sketches and doodles are evident of is the constant ideas and inspiration of things I'd really like to start doing such as DIY projects and crafty items to make.
I have wanted to start religiously filling out my One Line a Day book. This book is a five year memory book. Everyday you write just one line a day under the correct date...for five years. I must admit that I got this years ago when I was living in Chelsea. I purchased if from the V&A Museum. good intentions haven't been religious in the slightest. It's been a new years resolution a couple of times; I started to write a sentence during the first week of January on two occasions - January 2012 and January 2014....!

So, I have decided to commemorate and gather the first 5 years I spend in my new home. *Brainwave*...I will start it on moving day!
I know I'm precious, but although I am working on changing that (it's on my 'goals that take time and learning' list)'s a self-esteem thing. I've struggled a lot in the past, but now I am stronger, I feel more worthy, therefore meeting my aims and goals is going well so far. Change takes time, especially when personal thoughts can be the most destructive for me. In the past I'd buy pretty things but I'd be precious, not wanting to 'ruin' it; whatever 'it' may have been, but now I am noticing more and more change; especially as I have the opinion that dog-eared books and well-loved, often used items have a certain charm about them and conjure up memories. 

The second thing I'd like to start on moving day (or after a week or so...I probably need to settle don't I?!?!) is something I have been thinking about for a while. These girls are doing it great with their blog A Year to Inspire. This blog documents their day-to-day artwork over the course of their year long challenge to fill one sketchbook page a day. I love the idea of reflecting and contemplating things creatively (hence my endless notebooks and sketchbooks; some only half completed).
It'll be nice to flick through the book after a whole year, but unlike the girls at A Year to Inspire, I will only share my book with others at the end. I'm thinking it would also make a nice coffee table book. 
I will be using the daily prompts from A Year to Inspire as there is nothing worse for me, than putting pressure on myself to fill a blank page.

Thank you for reading my ramblings :o)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Happy, Reflective Mother's Day

I'm a proud mama to Frankie, my 2 year old miniature dachshund. Yes, he is a dog, but  he is also my bubba - he is completely reliant on me. His faith and trust in me, plus his devotion and cheer unconditional love is so special. Frankie has helped me grow. Knowing that another entity is relying on me for so many things has made me stronger, more determined. He has also allowed me to see that I have a purpose - to be his owner, his mother. Having struggled with low self-esteem and direction, Frankie has really helped to pull me through and continues to pull me through and enable me to love myself enough to keep well. His reliance on me and total trust in me is so very rewarding, and I am sure some of you fellow pet owners will agree, he is also like my child.
Mother's Day for me has been wonderful. I managed to take him for TWO walks!! I don't know how it happened, but he did it and I am feeling so proud of him. It's hard enough to convince him he's like to go for a walk once a week, let alone twice in one day. I don't blame him though...he only has little legs, so a good play and run around the back garden or the lounge can knacker him out brilliantly. 

But, this weekend we have been blessed with some beautiful sunshine and warmer climes, so this has no doubt been a big encouragement to his willingness to walk. He often only makes it to the end of the driveway before digging his claws into the ground and planting himself so firmly to the ground that I can't shift him. I bet he's just a trickster...he probably knows that I'm afraid to yank him on his harness too firmly as a dachshund's back is so delicate.


Mother's Day to me, is a multi-faceted day of feelings and emotions. For me, it is an act and sentiment of showing my love and appreciation for my mum. But it is also a day of rememberance and reflection. I am very lucky that I have a wonderful, selfless and brilliant mother; but not everybody does, so today can be a very emotional and difficult day of complexity, thoughts, and emotions very different to what I experience.
Mother's Day is a time to remember the mothers who are no longer with us; a time to also think about your friends and loved ones who have lost their mother's; a time to share your love and show you care.
Lastly, Mother's Day is also a very poignant time as I think about my brother who sadly passed away 15 years ago. I consider how my mum is feeling about the poignancy that this annual event may bring to her; to support her.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Midweek rundown...

It's Wednesday which means.....YAY it's nearly Friday!

To get to know a bit about me, I thought I'd start the blog off with a wishlist and loving vs. loathing lists of the things that have made me happy and not so happy so far this week.

I'm soon to move out into my own house with Frankie my gorgeous Dachshund, so I have to remain slightly 'sensible' with my pennies. It's not easy but I seem to find not tempting myself by browsing shops and websites to be working. I do have two non-house related items on my wishlist though.

1. At the moment I'm concentrating a lot on toning and building up my core strength. So I'm getting back into Yogalates exercises (a mix of pilates and yoga) and also a bit of ballet. I have all I need now that I've purchased these Chalmia resistance bands...with the exception of a good pair of non-slip socks. Even on my yoga mat, my feet still slip and I daren't go barefoot because I don't like having cold toes...annoying right?! Therefore I'm coveting a pair of ToeSox at the moment. Take a look at these ones; how cool are they!?!

I'm thinking I totally need a pair with toes and full ankles...having skinny ankles means they get a bit chilly so I definitely can't let these cute  toeless low-risers tempt me.

Image from
Click here to go to product (available in pink too!)

2. Anthropologie. Need I say more? Anthropologie SALE! I do get so very excited and slightly nervous when I receive an email from Anthropologie telling me they have a sale. Oh my...I love a sale! My bank account however gets very scared, as I often cannot resist the temptation of the beautiful and sumptuous home and clothing items. And then there's the accessories. Oh my! I think I want and need many many of the beauties featured. I've always wanted their gorgeous and luxurious bedding, it would look so pretty in my new home ;o) so this could technically be classed as a home wishlist item and there for completely necessary right?!

Here's  a look at what I've been loving/loathing this week:

1. VITA COCO! I have this every morning in replacement of coffee. It gives me more energy than caffeine as it is pure coconut water, so there are so many nutritional benefits.  The carton tells me "It's like sticking a straw in a coconut". I'll go with that, not that I've tried it. Maybe a holiday to the Caribbean is on the cards...if only! You can read more about coconut water here at:

2.  A selfie with my Nan on her 82nd birthday. This happened last Wednesday, but it's still making me smile a lot! The conversation went something like this:
Me: "Nan can I take a selfie on my phone of us please?"
Nan: "Oh I know how to do that"
My nan then proceeds to whip out her Blackberry and take a fab photo of us! I mean...WHAT?! She's so cool :o)
I did of course get a shot on my phone too. She was rather impressed by my androids ability to flip the camera around so we can see the photo as we're taking it.

3. SPRING means summer is coming! YES! I wish it was summer all year round. I can't stand being cold much longer. BRING ON THE SUNSHINE AND WARMER WEATHER!

1. A dear friend and colleague is retiring tomorrow. We have such a wonderful bond and she is so amazing - I'm going to miss this lady! My second close person to retire this year...I don't like the fact that I won't get to see either of them numerous times a week.

So, what have you been loveing/loathing or wishing for so far this week? Leave a comment - it'd be great to hear from you!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fresh Starts and Exciting Times Ahead

The image above is my own photo (a close up of personally handmade button jewellery) and my own handwriting, so please ask for my permission if you wish to use it. Thank you.


For me, spring signifies a new start (plus beautiful daffodils and cute lambs & chicks), so it feels like the right time to start the blog again.
View from the kitchen window sill this morning.
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In this blog I will showcase my jewellery/accessories and day-to-day thoughts / inspirations / wishlists / crafting tutorials...many many things - so don't be a stranger!
So, to explain my image above:
I love this quote, and paired with an image of pieces of jewellery I have made, it seems like the right combination.
My lovely pal Lucie and I have been plotting and scheming some very exciting plans and sharing ideas for a joint venture that maybe one day with some hard work (and fun), will see our dreams coming true, and a sideline project to devote our creativity too.Check out her blog - it's awesome just like she is :o)
My dreams and more about me will follow in my posts, so please keep visiting!